We are pleased to announce that the Highland Military Tattoo’s, Major General Seymour Monro was recently interviewed by American travel blogger, Glen Moyer, for his “Under the Tartan Sky” series of podcasts.

Glen’s unique and engaging interview style coupled with Seymour’s knowledge and experience has led to the creation of a very in depth and interesting podcast promoting the Tattoo, Fort George, the Highlander’s Museum and the area generally… we would strongly recommend taking a list to Glen Moyers “An Insider’s Guide to the Highland Military Tattoo”.

“An Insider’s Guide to the Highland Military Tattoo” from Under the Tartan Sky

Mention the words Scotland and Tattoo together and no one would blame you if your thoughts immediately turn to the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo held annually in the month of August in the capital city as part of the Edinburgh International Festival, celebrating its 70th year in 2017.

However many might be surprised to learn there is another, if much younger, military tattoo well worth making a journey to Scotland for — the Highland Military Tattoo at Fort George, Inverness. Entering only its 4th year, the Highland Military Tattoo was born in 2014 out of a project to upgrade the museum of The Queen’s Own Highlanders that is housed at Fort George. The Executive Chairman and Director of the Tattoo is a former commander of the Highlanders, Major General Seymour Monro.

Read the full article and listen to the podcast on “Under the Tartan Sky”

Listen to “An Insider’s Guide to the Highland Military Tattoo”